I'm Kait. A single mom from southern West Virginia.
I grew up in a small town where everyone knows you, which means, everyone knows your business & the only thing that spread faster than a prayer request was the beauty shop gossip. Which seemed to never be in short supply.  
I think growing up in small towns like the one I'm from, despite their often lack of cultural diversity, can provide a rare experience in offering a true unfiltered and raw insight to the everyday life of ordinary people. Ordinary meaning: No special means of a way of life. Most people from my town weren't born into money or fame. Most people, if you'd ask around, come from coal mining families and hold strong faith to family traditions.
There's a beautiful mixture of people there, from your favorite 3rd grade teacher who you still hug when you see, to the local politician who went to high school with your mama, so you automatically are treated like family.
But...just like every where else in this world, you also have the ones that - as we say in the south - "wouldn't spit on you if you were on fire". Little Dramatic? Maybe... But Hey, you don't know me for my filters, I started this journey unfiltered and that's exactly what imma keep doin!
I had my first daughter at nineteen and was married two years later to her dad (now my ex - long story, don't worry, you'll be hearing it). Then... Life.


Basically, I had hit rock bottom. So here it is in a nutshell:
The truth is I had dug a hole as low as I could and nothing was working consistently to bring me out of the darkness consuming me. I felt like I was smothering and I couldn't stand the person staring back at me, not just for my mistakes, but also for all I allowed to happen to me. 
Ashamed, frustrated, angry, sad, repeating the same things searching for happiness over and over.
Expanding my awareness was and is the only thing that's worked, that's pulled me from my rock bottom. It brought happiness, light, joy and love back into my life. It has never let me down. Once you begin your journey you'll feel a light ignite your soul - a flame that will never burn out. It's the best feeling in the world, this journey to becoming the best version of yourself. It opens your mind and allows you to see things as they truly are without judgement. Me, you, every soul on this planet is here to evolve, grow and reach our full potential.
If you aren't taking the steps to become the absolute best person you can be, it may be time for you to step back and re-evaluate how your spending this one incredible life-pass.
No excuses. Do better-be better. We aren't supposed to be living life with no purpose, we are supposed to purposeful in everything we do. To act as our higher selves and align with true  peace, joy, hope, courage, faith and strength. To align with love.
I'm learning and growing everyday and it's my mission to share all I can with you, so that you can join me towards becoming the best we can be, to learning balance & realize what we can offer the world to benefit all.

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